„Se pierd în viaţă ani, iar la moarte cerşim o clipă! „ ( N. Iorga )

luni, 7 noiembrie 2016


In his new book "The Hackers Are Coming," online security expert Ronald Nutter shares tips on how to boost security for every online account you have, starting with choosing the best password management and two-factor authentication tools for you.

These tools won't keep breaches like the one at Yahoo from happening, but they'll slow hackers down enough that they'll move on to the next victim.

joi, 29 septembrie 2016


              Traumatismele cranio-cerebrale reprezintă principala cauză de deces la populaţia cu vârste de sub 40 de ani şi este totodată cea mai frecventă cauză de handicap permanent la cei care au supravieţuit unui astfel de traumatism. Potrivit preşedintelui Societăţii de Neurologie din România (NR), numărul traumatismelor de acest fel este în creştere din cauza mai multor factori, de la dezvoltarea industriei auto şi modul în care evoluează tehnologia în transport până la înmulţirea accidentelor domestice.


 Politraumatismele reprezinta in momentul actual, la nivel mondial, una dintre principalele trei cauze importante de mortalitate, mai ales in decadele de varsta tanara, una dintre principalele cauze de morbiditate si, mai ales una dintre primele cauze de invaliditate definitiva, implicand astfel costuri sociale si economice imense.
     Politraumatismele realizeaza un sindrom fiziopatologic complex, cu evolutie imprevizibila si tendinta la autoagravare, care depaseste ca amploare suma modificarilor fiziopatologice induse de leziunile fiecarui organ in parte.
      In aceasta situatie, perfectionarea si ridicarea continua a standardului de pregatire a echipelor de interventie implicate in aceste tipuri de situatie, poate determina optimizarea continua a parametrilor fizici si calitativi ai interventiei, cu impact atat pe sansa de supravietuire a acestor pacienti, ci si pe limitarea efectelor la distanta ale traumei. 

miercuri, 21 septembrie 2016

OPPORTUNITY AWAITS Train For Your Real-World Health Care Career

         The beginning of the 20th century brought the introduction of highly sophisticated, precise medical instruments that provided previously unknown levels of detail about patients. Today, those instruments — including the thermometer, the stethoscope and the X-ray machine — are commonplace. But at the time of their introduction, these technological wonders changed the face of medicine.

         Our institutions are nationally accredited by either the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) or the Council on Occupational Education (COE), both recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. You don’t have to wait any longer to put your passion to work because at Concorde, your opportunity awaits.

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        Dubai is a beautiful, lovely and world famous city. Initially, it's very simple to overlook that this spot is really a desert that has been recovered and worked over, with structures that are as excellent and sprawling as any of the sheik's castles. The principle city is to a great degree advanced, however there are still zones where one can welcome the "old Dubai". Dubai has a remarkable various popular places, so it's critical to be deferential and additionally aware of how we carry on while circumventing this dazzling city. The law is very strict so it's entirely protected here. Dubai Tourism is extremely ok for an excellent occasion.
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